About us

Our vision is of a world where every person in distress at sea is rescued and treated with dignity.

Civil society extends to the seas and so we must uphold principles of humanity.

SOS MEDITERRANEE is a European maritime and humanitarian organization for the rescue of life in the Mediterranean. It was founded by citizens in May 2015 in response to the deaths in the Mediterranean and the failure of the European Union to prevent these deaths.

SOS MEDITERRANEE works as a European association with teams in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland in a European network. Together they financed and operated the rescue ship Aquarius from February 2016 till October 2018 and are now financing and operating the mission with the Ocean Viking, our new rescue ship. Since launching our operation we have welcomed 31.799 survivors aboard our rescue ships.

Our mission

Save lives

Rescuing people from distress at sea and providing emergency medical treatment on board.

Protect and assist

Medical and psychological care of the rescued on board and connecting to supporting institutions in Europe.


Give the survivors a voice. Show the many faces of the migration. Inform the European public about the situation of people seeking safety in the Mediterranean and commemorate those that never arrived.

Our guiding principles

SOS MEDITERRANEE is a humanitarian organization based on the respect for human beings and their dignity, without partiality as concerns their nationality or origin, their social belonging, religious belief, political position or ethnic identity.

SOS MEDITERRANEE advocates on behalf of all people in distress at sea, without partiality as concerns their nationality, country of origin, social belonging, religious belief, political or ethnic affiliation.


Our charter

Faced with repeated shipwrecks of migrants and refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in order to reach Europe,

Considering that there is no adequate rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea to help migrants and refugees in distress in an efficient, appropriate and lasting manner.

As citizens convinced that human rights apply to everyone, we are calling for a large-scale mobilization based on civil society coming together to save migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.