Every second counts! SOS MEDITERRANEE trains mass rescue situations

“I have conducted rescues where armed groups showed up and started shooting, and suddenly you have 100 people overboard and in the water. How do you prioritize in this situation?”

Max, search and rescue manager for SOS MEDITERRANEE, was on board the Aquarius from 2016 to 2018. About 8.000 people were rescued under his coordination. Here, he explains the importance of sharing his experience at sea with fellow and future rescuers.

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I support lifesavers!

We have carried out 250 missions in recent years. Especially mass rescue operations on the open sea are extremely complex and risky. Often many people have to be rescued from fragile and absolutely unstable boats at the same time. Hardly any of the children, women and men wear life jackets, most of them cannot swim and are often weakened, injured or traumatised. In this situation every second counts!

That is why SOS MEDITERRANEE has developed a standardised and competence-oriented training programme. The training ensures a professional, knowledge- and experience-based training and education of search and rescue staff. So that every movement is exaclty right and all rescue team members are prepared for our life-saving mission in the Mediterranean Sea.