Log entry #46

Baby born on board of the Aquarius

After an exhausting day with four rescues within 24 hours, everybody on the Aquarius was very happy to welcome the new born baby ‘Favour’ on board! The baby’s 28-year-old mother Sinsia was rescued by SOS MEDITERRANEE the night before. She was travelling with 35 other people on a small wooden boat, among which there were seven other women and seven unaccompanied minors. As she came on board the medical team of MSF immediately took care of her and already the next day, after another two rescues in the morning, the Aquarius had a new passenger. The crew and the 678 rescued people onboard were all really happy. MSF’s midwive Marina Kojima said: “It was a very very long day for everyone, we had four rescues and we were all very tired, but in the end we had this delivery and everyone was so happy. This baby brought joy for all of us on board »

The baby, named Favour is perfectly healthy and weighs 3.180 kg. His mother Sansia is exhausted from the long journey and delivery, but very happy and thankful that everything went well despite the bad circumstances. “Let me thank you all, and thank this lady (Marina Kojima, midwife onboard) who helped me to deliver my baby, without her, maybe the baby wouldn’t be here now, I would have abandoned and I wouldn’t be here. God bless her and all of you”, she said.

Sansia comes from Nigeria and was travelling by herself. The father of her son died back in Nigeria. Her baby will therefore be Nigerian, but, according to the maritime law, he might also have the British nationality as he was born on board the Aquarius, registered in Gibraltar, an overseas territory of the UK. The captain of the AQUARIUS Alex Moroz officially handed the birth certificate to Sinsia 24 hours after the birth – “I am very happy to greet your small miracle born onboard the Aquarius, in a safe haven, this makes us more proud of the job we are doing and I want to wish you and your son a good new life in Europe. This is his first certificate; it is to confirm that this new man came on this crazy world onboard of this vessel”.

Favour is the third baby born on the Aquarius since it first started its mission in February this year.