Log entry #1

Ani Montes, Spain

Ana Isabel Montes Mier was 9 weeks aboard the Aquarius, 6 of which she worked as Deputy SAR-coordinator. She is from Spain.

“I don’t know how to explain the many moments I lived through aboard the Aquarius. There are not enough powerful words to explain such situations. A big lesson I learned is that you will be always impressed about something…it doesn’t matter how many things you have seen before. The famous phrase: “I only know that I don’t know nothing” has never been more true. Everything is new, everyone is different and every story has too much life behind it. We can’t understand really what is happening but we try to do something to change it, even knowing that our help is only a little step or even a patch in the whole issue, we are still doing it because we strongly believe in what we are doing and when you do something with all the strength of your heart, something good will happen.

Of course these things shouldn’t happen, but another lesson I learned is always look for something positive even in the worst situations. Maybe it is easy for me to say this because I had the option to choose if I want to be there or not. But when I talk about my time on board the Aquarius I do not only mention the bad experiences or how hard is. I also talk about the humanity I saw there; about the hopes and dreams of the people and how they fight for them. I lived too many things but I think the most important I learned from the rescues, the daily life, and the people, is how to feel like a human and how to love”


Text: Ana Isabel Montes Mier
Photo: Fabian Mondl