Gerettete verlassen Ocean Viking in Augusta

Mission report starting March 10 (2021): 116 survivors disembark in Augusta, Sicily

Last updated: 23d of March, 20:50 (all times in UTC +1)


The OceanViking left Marseille for the central Mediterranean after a port call and self-isolation period for the crew on march 10th. On March 18th the crews of the Ocean Viking performed a rescue of 10 people in distress. Two days later, 106 people are rescued from an overcrowded rubber boat. The Ocean Viking waited several days for a Place of Safety to be assigned by authorities. Meanwhile, the port of Augusta, Sicily, was assigned by the Italian authorities, where all survivors disembarked on 23rd of March.


23. March 2021: Relief onboard the Ocean Viking after several days of rough weather. The ship was assigned the port of Augusta, Sicily, by Italian authorities.

All survivors onboard the Ocean Viking have disembarked in Augusta, Sicily.

All 116 rescued people, including 51 unaccompanied minors, were tested for Covid-19 by Italian health authorities. A total of 6 persons tested positive via rapid testing.

22. March 2021: With strong wind and high waves, the OceanViking is still in need of a Place of Safety after sending a 5th request.

Five survivors have been isolated after testing positive to Covid-19. Strict mitigation measures are in place but a prompt disembarkation is urgent for all 116 survivors.

21. March 2021: The Ocean Viking is waiting for a Place of Safety to be assigned by authorities for the disembarkation of 116 survivors following 4 requests in 4 days.

Weather in the central Med is strongly deteriorating now and in the days to come, affecting many of the survivors’ health state.

20. March 2021: The crew of the Ocean Viking rescued 106 children, women and men from an overcrowded rubber boat in distress in international waters, 34 nautical miles off Libya.

One person fell unconscious, was evacuated to the ship and is recovering. Several survivors were in a state of strong emotional distress.

18. March 2021: Ocean Viking performed the rescue of 10 people in distress on a fibreglass boat, 36 nautical miles off Libya. The operation was conducted under the coordination of an on-scene Libyan coastguard vessel who requested our intervention. Among the survivors are two women, one baby and three children.

All women and children, including a 1 year old baby, were constantly vomiting onboard the fibreglass boat. A medical assessment was performed by the medical doctor. She feared severe dehydration and exhaustion, especially for the children. They all are now under the care of our teams.

During the rescue operation, one person onboard the fibreglass boat expressed the will not to be brought to the Ocean Viking and to go back to Libya. Our teams provided a lifejacket for safety purposes and the person was evacuated by the Libyan coastguard onboard their patrol vessel.

10. March 2021: After a port-call and self-isolation period for the crew the Ocean Viking left Marseille. On their way to the central Mediterranean, our teams train themselves to rescue, medical and survivor care procedures on a daily basis.

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Photo credits: Anthony Jean / SOS MEDITERRANEE