Gerettete verlassen in Augusta, Sizilien, dass Rettungsschiff Ocean Viking

Mission report starting on February 2nd (2021): Disembarkation of survivors from Ocean Viking in Augusta, Sicily, completed

Last updated: 9.02.2021 at 18:15 (all times in UTC +1)


374 people were brought to safety by Ocean Viking teams in January. One pregnant woman had to be evacuated from board for medical reasons. The remaining 373 rescued people on board were able to disembark in Augusta, Sicily, on 25 and 26 January

On 02 February, Ocean Viking left the port of Augusta for the central Mediterranean. On the morning of 4 February, our teams rescued 121 people. The same day, in a second operation, 116 people were rescued. In the morning of February 5 more than 180 people were rescued from distress. A pregnant women had to be evacuated with her partner, February 6th. With eight COVID-19 cases on board and deterioating weather conditions ahead, surviors on board were in urgent need of a place of safety. In the late evening of February 7th relief on board as Augusta, Sicily, was assigned as a place of safety, where the Ocean Viking dropped anchor in the evening. Disembarkation of survivors was completed on February 9th.


9. February 2021: Disembarkation of survivors was completed.
8. February 2021: The Italian health authorities have tested survivors on the Ocean Viking for the coronavirus as a first step of the disembarkation process. The Ocean Viking went to anchorage overnight with 78 remaining rescued people.

Additionally, the crew on the Ocean Viking started a mandatory quarantine of 14 days.

7. February 2021: Relief for the 422 survivors on board the Ocean Viking! They just heard that Augusta, Sicily, has been assigned as a Place of Safety. While SOS MEDITERRANEE is glad that they will reach safety, we call on the EU to step up support for coastal states and reestablish dedicated rescue capacity in the central Mediterranean.

Before, Luisa – Search-and-Rescue Coordinator on the Ocean Viking – explained in a statement: “We care for 422 rescued people, 8 of whom tested positive to COVID-19. We have procedures in place for this scenario, we can isolate positive cases. But all survivors urgently need a Place of Safety.” Read the full statement.

6. February 2021: The team on board the Ocean Viking is responding to the humanitarian emergency in the central Mediterranean and currently taking care of 422 survivors after a medical evacuation earlier today. We have requested a Place of Safety to the competent maritime authorities several times, to no avail.

Christine, Medical Team Leader on board: “We’re relieved that the medical evacuation of a pregnant woman this morning was done in time. But we urgently need to disembark, especially as we’re very concerned about the condition of many of the 422 remaining survivors. A particularly dramatic case under observation is a young Sudanese man who suffered a severe head injury after being violently beaten in Libya a week ago. His wound is infected & half of his face deformed, he can only see with one eye. He’s in an extremely difficult situation.”

Earlier, A pregnant patient was evacuated from the Ocean Viking via an helicopter of the Armed Forces of Malta with her partner. Her critical condition required intensive care that can only be provided on land. She was taken to Malta where she can receive necessary treatment.

5. February 2021: Teams of SOS MEDITERRANEE rescued more than 180 persons from two boats in distress this morning.

The first boat in distress was spotted from the bridge just before 7. The teams proceeded to rescue 71 men, 11 of them minors, from an overcrowded rubber boat in international waters 40 nautical miles off Al Khoms.

During this first operation, Ocean Viking was alerted to another distress case in her proximity. The team spotted the extremely unstable and overcrowded rubber boat shortly after. Around 116 men, women and children were brought to safety in this challenging second operation.

4. February 2021: Just a few hours after the first operation this morning, the SOS MEDITERRANEEteam rescued 116 people from an overcrowded rubber boat in distress. Among the survivors are 9 children aged 12 years or younger.

An overcrowded rubber boat in distress was spotted from the bridge of the OceanViking in international waters 30 nautical miles off Al Khoms, #Libya, at first light this morning. The team rescued 121 people, among them 19 women and 2 small children, and recovered several persons who went overboard.

2. February 2021: The Ocean Viking left the port of Augusta, Sicily, to resume her life saving mission in the central Mediterranean.

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Photo credits: Hippolyte / SOS MEDITERRANEE