gerettete Frau mit Kindern verlässt in Augusta, Sizilien, die Ocean Viking

Mission report starting September 13, 2021: all 122 survivors disembarked from Ocean Viking

Last updated: September 25 at 15:15 (all times in UTC+1)


On September 13, Ocean Viking leaves the port of Marseille.
Between the 18th and 20th of September 129 children, women and men are brought to safety in four different operations.
After two medical evacuations of three people with deterioated health along with their family members, Ocean Viking was assigned Augusta, Sicily, as a place of safety on September 23. On September 25, all 122 remaining survivors disembarked from Ocean Viking.


25. September: All 122 remaining survivors have now disembarked from the Ocean Viking. These men, women and children were rescued by our teams in four operations in less than 36 hours last weekend.
Our and IFRC teams are relieved that the shipwrecked people finally reached a Place of Safety.

25. September: In the morning, the disembarkation process of the 122 children, women and men onboard the Ocean Viking started in Augusta, Sicily. All survivors are being tested for Covid19 by Italian health authorities prior to leaving the ship.

24. September: In the morning, on her way to Augusta, Ocean Viking spotted a drifting wooden boat in distress with approx. 26 people in the Italian Search-and-Rescue-region. In coordination with the Italian coastguard, our crew first provided assistance before an Italian patrol vessel completed the rescue.

23. September: The 122 men, women and children rescued by the crew of the Ocean Viking last weekend were assigned Augusta, Sicily, as a Place of Safety.

It is an immense relief for survivors and crew onboard to know the wait for instructions from maritime authorities about the disembarkation is over.

23. September: A 22-year-old survivor was medically evacuated by the Italian coastguard. His health was deteriorating since last night. The 122 remaining survivors onboard the Ocean Viking are still in urgent need of a place of safety to disembark.

22. September: After five requests to maritime authorities, Ocean Viking has not been assigned a place of safety yet.

The 123 survivors -kids, unaccompanied minors, men and women- show tremendous resilience but a ship is only a temporary shelter. They need to disembark swiftly as per maritime law.

20. September – morning: In the morning, two persons rescued this weekend were medically evacuated from the Ocean Viking by the Italian coastguard with four family members. They both had chronic conditions and needed urgent onshore medical care.

20. September – night: In a fourth operation our team rescued 13 people that were lost and drifting in the Maltese search-and-rescue region. A man was found in a very weak state, lying on the deck of the wooden boat. He had to be evacuated on a stretcher. 123 survivors remain onboard. The youngest is less than 30 days old.

19. September: In the night, the crew of the Ocean Viking rescued 58 people from a wooden boat in distress in the Maltese Search & Rescue Region. The boat was first assisted by Nadir sailboat.

19. September: In the morning, the Ocean Viking conducted a second rescue operation. 33 people on a wooden boat in distress in international waters off Libya were safely brought onboard, including eight women and 13 children.

Two survivors with chronic medical conditions are under close observation.

Following the rescue, the Ocean Viking was alerted to two other wooden boats in distress in the Libyan Search & Rescue Region by Colibri 2 aircraft. Both were intercepted by the Libyan Coastguard as witnessed from afar by our teams.

18. September: The crew of the Ocean Viking rescued 25 people including two women and three children from a wooden boat in distress 28 nautical miles from the Libyan coast. The youngest onboard is 1 year old.

13. September: Ocean Viking leaves the port of Marseille.

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