+++Ocean Viking’s first missions: 356 people rescued in the Mediterranean+++

09.08.2918 First rescue of Ocean Viking

Friday afternoon, SOS MEDITERRANEE and Doctors Without Borders rescued 85 people in international waters off the Libyan coast, including 25 minors, from a rubber dinghy in distress with the new Ocean Viking rescue vessel.

This morning, an EU aircraft had spotted the dinghy, initially reported by ALARM PHONE, and informed Ocean Viking.

Ocean Viking stayed on the spot to respond to further distress cases.

10.08.2019 Second rescue in less than 24 hours

On Saturday morning the crew of Ocean Viking was able to rescue another 85 people from a rubber dinghy in distress in a second rescue mission in the central Mediterranean. They are now safe on board Ocean Viking.

11.08.2019 Third rescue in a row

At noon on Sunday another 81 people were rescued from an unseaworthy rubber dinghy. With that, there are now 251 rescued people onboard the Ocean Viking

12.08.2019 Fourth rescue

Monday afternoon there was a critical rescue mission. After the teams distributed life jackets, an air hose of the boat burst and several people fell into the water. All 105 people could be safely brought aboard Ocean Viking.

SOS means saving lives!

356 people could be rescued from drowning by the teams of SOS MEDITERRANEE and MSF since we started our mission with the new rescue ship Ocean Viking.

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Photo credits: Hannah Wallace Bowman / MSF