On the attack during Sea-Watch rescue operation

SOS MEDITERRANEE is seriously concerned to learn about the attack by alleged Libyan coast guard officials on a SeaWatch rescue operation that caused multiple deaths last night.

According to an official statement from SeaWatch, the violent intervention by a boat labelled as Libyan coast guard during a first-aid delivery caused a mass panic on board the rubber boat in distress. In the cause one tube of the rubber boat collapsed and the boat sank.

Only two months ago, the search and rescue vessel “Bourbon Argos” run by MSF was attacked by the Libyan navy, adding a new danger to migrants who cross the Mediterranean. This latest incident of alleged Libyan official units caused the death of several migrants. SOS MEDITERRANEE calls on all actors present at sea to respect the work of humanitarian organisations whose objective is to save lives.

Jana Ciernioch (Public Relations) j.ciernioch@sosmediterranee.org