Our mission

Rescue at sea requires a robust ship suitable for the high seas.

As a former emergency response and rescue vessel, the Ocean Viking is designed for rescuing and taking care of a large number of people. We have equipped it with a special container module to best accommodate, provide care and protect survivors.  On board the Ocean Viking there is a special accommodation for women and children, as well as a clinic to take care of medical emergencies.

With a maximum speed of 14 knots the Ocean Viking is faster than the Aquarius, which will allow us to respond to distress calls faster and prevent loss of life. Equipped with two radars and two infrared cameras, the Ocean Viking has the necessary tools to quickly locate boats in distress day or night.

Since Italy handed over responsibility for the coordination of rescue operations in the central Mediterranean to Libya, we have hardly received any information on maritime emergencies from maritime rescue coordination centres. We are therefore increasingly dependent on local civilian units – other rescue ships and reconnaissance aircrafts – to conduct our search and rescue mission for people in distress at sea.

To follow our rescue operations in the Mediterranean please visit our online logbook or follow us on Twitter.

Our mission with our new rescue ship Ocean Viking is mainly financed by private donations.

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