Voices from the sea

Other than saving and protecting the lives of people in distress at sea, one of SOS MEDITERRANEE’s declared objectives is to provide a platform for the survivors’ stories. In the “Testimonies” section SOS MEDITERRANEE publishes first-hand witness accounts. These are outcomes of interviews conducted aboard our rescue ship that give voice to those that are otherwise not listened to.

In much of current reporting on flight and migration, peoples’ stories, aspirations and experiences tend to be de-personalized and generalized in a manner that does not reflect individual realities.

By publishing these testimonies, SOS MEDITERRANEE aims to counter popular discourse that portrays people as mere statistics, as “migratory flows” or “floods of immigrants.” These testimonies represent our efforts to give a face and voice to the diverse group of individuals inside the migratory movements.

Each of these testimonies is an intimate and personal evidentiary account and as such is only published with the express consent of the person concerned. To protect identities, some personal information such as names and places have been changed by the editors. All requests not to be recorded, or interviewed are of course respected.