[Statement] Aquarius in Marseille for a technical port call

The Aquarius arrived in Marseille on Monday 27th of August at 16.00 for a regular technical port call flying under a new temporary flag.

After the notification by Gibraltar’s authorities that the Aquarius would be removed from its registry by the 20th of August, the ship owner applied for a registration with another flag state.

The registration process for the Aquarius to sail under the Panamanian flag has been underway since the 20th of August, but still needs to be formally completed in port.

SOS MEDITERRANEE strongly backs this decision, which allows the Aquarius to pursue its life saving mission at sea.

The port of Marseille, one of the main ports of the Mediterranean, is well equipped and allows the Aquarius to perform all the necessary administrative procedures, technical upgrades, crew changes and resupplies with limited delay and in line with the high standards of professionalism and transparency followed by SOS MEDITERRANEE and its partner MSF.

The Aquarius is planning to leave Marseille by the end of next week to resume its vital rescue mission on the central Mediterranean for the 44th rotation since February 2016.