Am Morgen des 19. November 2019 retten unsere Teams 94 Menschen aus einem Schlauchboot in internationalen Gewässern.

+++ Rescue report (09 – 24 November 2019): 213 surviors disembark in Messina


Amidst a deadly week in the Mediterranean and after the teams of SOS MEDITERRANEE and MSF carried out three rescue operations, the 213 people brought to safety disembarked in Messina on Sunday, the 24th of November.


November 9th: The Ocean Viking leaves the port of Marseille (France) heading south. In Marseille,  supplies were refilled, part of the crew changed and works were made to prepare the ship for the coming winter months.

November 10th: Near Corsica, the teams carry out drills at sea.

November 12th: On the way to the Libyan search and rescue region, the Ocean Viking has to adjust her course due to bad weather conditions.

November 13th: At 04:00 pm, the Ocean Viking reaches the Libyan search and rescue region and informs the responsible coordinating authorities of her readiness for operation.

November 14th – 18th: On board Ocean Viking, the teams train for emergencies. Due to the decreasing temperatures, training is also focused on detecting and treating hypothermia.

November 19th: 95 people (updated figure) – including 11 women, 4 of them pregnant and 6 very young children – are rescued from a rubber dinghy in distress.

November 20th: 30 people are rescued from a small fiberglass boat. The boat was spotted via binoculars from the bridge. Survivors report to having been at sea since late last night.

November 21st: 90 people are rescued from a rubber boat.

November 22nd: A woman in the late stage of her pregnancy with twins, and a man with gunshot wounds sustained in Libya, have been successfully evacuated from the OceanViking to Malta by helicopter. The MSF medical team have deemed that both cases require a level of care that cannot be provided on the ship. 213 rescued people remain onboard, awaiting disembarkation in a place of safety.

November 24th: 213 survivors disembark in Messina (Sicily)

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Photo credits: Avra Fialas / SOS MEDITERRANEE