On the run up to the EU elections, we are doing everything possible to stop the progressive erosion of maritime and international law in the Mediterranean region. Through a European-wide action, it calls on all candidates of the future parliament to: “Be humane, save lives, respect the law!“

The call consists of a series of four different short videos. They were produced by filmmaker Benoit Musereau and illustrated by cartoonist Rodho, who created these illustrations exclusively for the maritime rescue organisation. In a direct and creative way, the videos show the development of the last five years on the Mediterranean Sea . They vividly explain how the law of the sea has been increasingly disregarded in the Mediterranean since 2014, the start of the current MEPs‘ mandate, and which events were and are particularly decisive for this development.

#RespectLawOfTheSea – Episode 1

#RespectLawOfTheSea – Episode 2

#RespectLawOfTheSea – Episode 3

#RespectLawOfTheSea – Episode 4

#RespectLawOfTheSea – Summary

In addition to the animated clips,  you may read our brochure explaining some key terms of the Law of the Sea and linking them with developments of the last five years.